Tips to enjoy the Full Moon Party

Tips Full Moon Party

The best tips to fully enjoy this amazing party. Follow our advise and you will have the night of your life:

Best tips to enjoy the Full Moon Party in Thailand

  • Book your accommodation in advance. Hostels and hotels in Koh Phangan fill up pretty fast; specially Haad Rin. Check availability in Accommodation in Koh Phangan or in backpacker accommodation in Koh Phangan.
  • Take a copy of your passport with you and keep your original passport in your hostel or resort.
  • Leave your valuables in your hotel or guesthouse. Pickpockets operate during the Full Moon Party.
  • Take enough money with you to cover every eventuality and split it into separate pockets.
  • Think carefully about bringing cameras and mobile phones. You may end up in the sea or rolling around on the sand at some point.
  • Take with you your resort details.
  • Wear appropriate footwear to protect your feet from broken bottles and burning cigarettes.
  • Don’t get wasted too fast. Thai buckets, a combination of hard liquor, a soft drink and a very strong energy drink, are extremely potent and if consumed quickly can lead to immediate and total inebriation.
  • Buy drinks away from the beach. Drinks in the beach are going to be much more expensive than outside.
  • Keep away from DRUGS, no matter what anyone says. Drug laws are very strict in Thailand and you will certainly not enjoy Thai prisons.
  • Stay out of problems, especially with locals.
  • Keep hydrated. Drink some water in between buckets.
  • Stay away from fire, especially the jump rope.
  • Do not eat or drink anything that is offered by strangers.
  • Stay out of water, especially if you are drunk or drugged. There are no life guards and most of the deaths that have occurred during Full Moon Parties are due to drowning.
  • Don’t have unprotected sex. Bring condoms with you to avoid STI or an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Do not drive to/from the party. Take a songthaew.



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