Safety at the Full Moon Party

Safety Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan is one of the safest massive parties in the world. People come here looking for nothing but a good time and the atmosphere is very positive. It’s rare to see any of the problems (i.e. fights) you might normally associate with thousands of young drunk people. Safety at the Full Moon Party is not a major issue.

Although the good vibe of the party, putting tens of thousands of intoxicated people into one place always comes with some unpleasant situations. Every year the FMP sadly claims a few lives, and in recent years there has been an increasing number of rapes, assaults and robberies, and break-ins in hotels and guesthouses.

How to stay safe at the Full Moon Party

Safety at the Full Moon Party should be one thing you should care about. Follow these advices and you will stay out of trouble:

 – Before leaving your hotel or guesthouse, secure your valuables in your room or at reception. Pickpockets operate during the Full Moon Party and burglaries around the island are common especially in cheap guesthouses.

– Stay away from drugs!!!  Drug laws are very strict in Thailand and you certainly will not enjoy Thai prisons.

– Don´t accept drugs from strangers. These are most likely drug peddlers selling useless or very dangerous substances, scammers working with corrupt policemen, or plain-clothed police trying to sell you drugs only to arrest you and get high bribes to let you jail free.

– Control your consume of “mushroom shakes”. They are not strong but consuming them in excess poses obvious risks.

– Stay out of water, especially if you are drunk or drugged. There are no life guards and most of the deaths that have occurred during Full Moon Parties are due to drowning.

– Don’t get wasted too fast. Thai buckets, a combination of hard liquor, a soft drink and a very strong energy drink, are extremely potent and if consumed quickly can lead to immediate and total inebriation. Do not ruin your night too early.

– Sharing buckets is common. Keep an eye on your drink to avoid date rape drugs or other unpleasant surprises.

– Stay away from fire, especially the jump rope. Fire-tattoos are not sexy.

– Women should take care when going back home alone. Sexual assaults on foreign women take place with growing regularity in Thailand.

– Wear appropriate footwear. Haad Rin Beach is covered in broken glass and burning cigarettes during the party.

– Take a songthaew (open taxi) to go back to your hotel. The road between Thong Sala and Haad Rin is curve, steep, dangerous and extremely busy on the night of the Full Moon Party. Accidents are common and occasionally deadly.

– Stay out of problems with locals. Occasionally Thai gangs fight each other during the Full Moon Parties. Leave as soon as the first sign of violence occur.

– During the party there’s a “pass out” area guarded by volunteers. Those who have drunk too much can stay there without any worry.

 Staying out of trouble in the Full Moon Party is easy. Just use your common sense and have FUN!


  1. We changed into our traditional, neon, Full Moon Party attire complete with fanny packs, enjoyed a couple of pre-moon drinks, and made our way to Haad Rin where the famous beach party takes place!


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